How to Keep Sofa Clean After Having Couch is Professionally Cleaned?

Keep Sofa Clean After Having Couch is Professionally Cleaned

We all know that sofas and couches are likely to get dirty over time. They must be cleaned regularly. But, do we know how to maintain them after getting them cleaned by professionals? Continue reading to know how to keep your sofas cleaned after professional cleaning. Professional cleaning helps to extend the life of your upholstery and makes them look like new, but the main thing is to maintain them. It is up to you to take care of your sofas and keep them clean. Although your upholstery might be looking clean there are many things that you need to take care of. Following a few tips and tricks will help to keep your upholstery clean and in proper condition for a long time.

Here are some easy steps to keep your sofa clean after having them professionally cleaned. Follow these tips and keep your sofas and couches as fresh as new.

  • Dust your couches regularly: Regular cleaning and dusting, in fact, dusting on a daily basis helps to keep your couches and sofas clean and fresh. It may not be visible but there are a lot of dust, dirt, and germs that are hidden in your couches that must be removed by dusting. Also, make sure to vacuum your couches once a week.
  • Change cushions regularly: Regularly changing the cushions or turning them prevents the dust and dirt from accumulating. Also turning the cushions from one place to another causes even usage of all the cushions as it is observed most of the time that certain seats of sofas are used more than the other seats. 
  • Cover your Upholstery: Cover your upholstery with a sofa or couch cover when not in use. In this way, you can save your sofa from all the dust and dirt as it sits on the cover and there will be no damage to your sofa. But, remember to change the covers frequently as too much dust and germs settled on the sofas may lead to serious diseases and respiratory disorders.
  • Clean up the stains and spills immediately: Make sure to clean the stains and spills as soon as possible to avoid spotting the sofas. If you do not clean the stains immediately, they may soak in dust and result in permanent spotting. So, clean up the stains to prevent damage to the sofas.
  • Keep your upholstery in a good place: Placing your upholstery in a good place helps to avoid any kind of contaminants and pollutants. Sofas should be kept away from direct sunlight. Apart from that, they must not be placed near windows where they are prone to rain, snow, dust, and many other pollutants. All these factors cause the colour of your sofa to fade and get damaged. Keep the upholstery in a well-ventilated place.

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